Effective Ways To Save Yourself And Loved Onez From Winter Smog.

Jan 19,2022

Winter smog is on its way, which means it's that time of year again.

Did you guys know that air pollution is one of the 10 leading avoidable causes of mortality, according to WHO? Sadly, Pakistan has the world's poorest air quality, which breaches all health norms and puts you at risk of lung cancer and respiratory infections, as well as strokes, heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

What Does Smog Mean?

Smog is essentially a combination of pollutants under specific weather conditions. Therefore, industrial pollutants, car and other vehicle pollution, open burning, and crematoriums all combine to create "winter smog," as it is currently occurring.

Winter Smog's Health Effects

Smog comprises a pollutant termed as ozone," and increased ozone levels can have a range of bad consequences for your lungs. Breathing in too much smog can be deadly. As a result, a variety of health issues arise, including:

  • Intensifying asthma problems worsening
  • Breathing difficulties and lung damage
  • Even after symptoms have subsided, high levels of ozone can disrupt your respiratory system and injure your lungs.
  • Itching of the eyes
  • Lightheadednes

So, how can you protect yourself and your loved ones against winter smog?

Stay Hydrated

High pollution levels are frequently associated with high temperatures and high humidity. This makes it essential to stay hydrated by staying in the shade and drinking enough fluids, especially before, during, and after a workout.

Preventing Those at Risk of Health Issues

Pay special attention to kids, the elderly, individuals with lung difficulties (such as asthma), people with heart issues, and people who work outside.

Outdoor Activities Should be Limited

When pollution levels are high, avoid exercising outside, especially from mid-morning until early evening.

Learn About Smog Hazards

It might be really beneficial to check air quality updates and organize your day. The three-month winter pollution season is the worst, when we have heaters, wood stoves, and a lot of burning fuel, and with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, winter smog has become a problem.

Participate - Make an Effort to Reduce Pollution

In the long term, we must collaborate to build systems that will assist us in improving our air quality. Rather than driving, we should aim to take public transportation and assist in reducing our emissions. Are there any personal activities that individuals can do to effectively minimize the risks of harmful health consequences from air pollution while waiting for governments to act or restrictions to be implemented?

Monitor Daily Air-Quality Alerts to Stay Aware

Check for daily air-quality alerts and arrange your outdoor activities accordingly to save yourself and your family. Avoid strenuous activities near high-traffic areas or workout inside when pollution levels are too high. Limit how much time your children spend outside.

Keep your Home Clean

To prevent dust, the environmental protection agency recommends wet cleaning of floors and avoiding vacuum cleaners without a hepa filter. To further decrease exposure while sleeping, it's also recommended that people sleep in a clean room with as few windows and doors as possible.

The Most Effective Protection

When you walk outside, utilize respirator masks rather than clinical or ordinary masks.

Don't Burn Wood or Garbage.

In many areas of the country, burning wood and garbage are important causes of particle pollution.