Egypt Is Interested In Expanding Tourism With Pakistan.

Feb 08,2022

Pakistan is genuinely blessed with breath-taking scenery and serenading beauty, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Along with Pakistan's enormous attempts to restore its tourist industry, another neighboring ally has lately joined the party. Egypt's ambassador to Pakistan stated earlier this week that his country is interested in increasing tourism with the Pakistani government.


Egypt will help Pakistan improve its tourism!

Certainly, Pakistan and Egypt have had a long-standing bilateral partnership and are interested in further expanding it. Pakistan's resurgent tourism has earned the country a spot on Forbes' list of the top adventure travel destinations for 2023. According to ambassador Ahmed Fadel Yacoub, Egypt, on the other hand, has lately expressed interest in developing tourism with Pakistan.

The remark was apparently made while leading Pakistani businesspeople and other civic organizations were on their way to Egypt. According to sources in the media, the outgoing coalition consists of around 35 businesspeople, 34 industrialists, a few media figures, and a high court judge. The journey to Egypt lasted seven days, and while in the embassy, the Egyptian ambassador met with the entire group.


"10,000 Pakistani visas have been issued!"

Egypt's ambassador to Pakistan, Ahmed Fadel Yacoub, has indicated interest in the fast-growing business. "10,000 visas were awarded to Pakistanis last year, and Egypt is looking forward to raising this amount," Yacoub said, referring to the visa total from the previous year. According to the Egyptian envoy, thousands of Pakistanis visited Egypt in 2019.

Egyptian Ambassador Yacoub urges Pakistan to imitate the probable strategy because Egypt makes a lot of money from its foreign exchange. "Pakistan shares close relations with Egypt," the envoy stated, reiterating the strong ties between the two countries. "Tourism contributes significantly to the Egyptian government's foreign exchange earnings."


Last year, Egypt welcomed ten million tourists!

Ahmed Fadel Yacoub, who expects Pakistan to follow Egypt in terms of tourist growth, highlighted the country's historical significance. "The Pakistani government, which is now concentrating on boosting tourism, can learn a lot from Egypt in this respect," he added. Egypt attracted ten million tourists in 2019 owing to its historical and cultural significance."
It is certainly good news for Pakistan, since the country will now have the backing of its Egyptian buddy. In terms of tourism, Pakistan topped the list of best holiday destinations for 2023 earlier this year. According to the Pakistani businesspeople present at the event, almost a thousand businessmen will visit Egypt in 2023.
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