How To Check Ufone Number With Ease.

Mar 04,2022

With over 23 million customers, Ufone is one of the largest mobile network operators in the country. Many Pakistanis appreciate it because of its extensive coverage throughout the country. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited owns Ufone, which is a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). However, following its privatization in 2006, PTCL became a subsidiary of Etisalat, the world's 14th largest mobile network provider.

Ufone began operations in Pakistan in 2001 and soon established itself as a favorite among the country's mobile network carriers. Ufone debuted its 4G services in various parts of Pakistan last year, including Islamabad and Rawalpindi. However, following the successful debut of its 4G services in the twin cities, Ufone has expanded its 4G service to include Lahore, Karachi, Abbottabad, and Sialkot, among other places.

Today, in this article, we will let you know how to check your Ufone number when you forget your own Ufone SIM number and wish to look up who owns it. In this instance, Ufone offers you the USSD code to verify all of your number's data. If you have your friend or family member's CNIC and, of course, their Ufone SIM, you can verify their Ufone number details. Usually, when we purchase a new SIM card from a shop or franchise, we are given all of the information. All of the information is plainly stated on the SIM cover. It contains a SIM number, a code, and all other relevant data.

Why Is It Necessary to Check Your Own Ufone Number?

If you are a new Ufone customer, you may forget your phone number. In this situation, you should know your own phone number so that you can offer it to your pals and they can contact you. Not only that, but your phone number is required when loading the balance (easy load) or activating any mobile internet, SMS, or telephone plan.

There are times when you forget your Ufone sim number or find a sim on the road that has no balance and can't be used to phone anyone. So, the first thing that comes to mind is how to check Ufone's phone number without phoning anyone. You don't have to be concerned because we have some solutions for you.

How to Check Ufone SIM Number with Code?

Now, we'll explain to you how to check your Ufone sim number using a code. This technology essentially allows users to double-check their own phone number if they have forgotten it for some reason. The number can then be shared with friends and relatives so that they can store it on their phones. The Ufone number check karne ka tarika is clear and easy to use.

If you have a Ufone sim and can't seem to recall your phone number, this article will explain how to check your Ufone number using various techniques. Just stay with us for a few minutes and attentively read the instructions below.

How to Check Ufone Number? Ufone Number Check Code

Method 1:

  • First, open your phone's phone dialer.
  • After that, dial *780*3# and press the call icon.
  • After that, as seen in the image, your phone number will appear on your screen.

Method 2:

  • Open your phone's messaging app and compose a new message.
  • Then, in the text, type MNP and send it to 667.
  • After some time, the service will send a message to the users with information on their Ufone number, including the activation date and the name of the Sim owner.
  • Keep in mind that this isn't a free solution and will cost you money. So, make sure your phone is charged before using the service.'

Method 3:

  • This is the most basic way of all. All you have to do is open your phone's keypad dialer.
  • After that, dial *1# to see your phone number on your screen.

Please note: Because the code may differ depending on where you are, this option may not work on all mobile phones.

This is a fully free service that allows you to check the Ufone number associated with your SIM card. You'll find out who owns the SIM card and learn their phone number.

Method 4:

Customers with Ufone can also verify their Sim number's details by dialing 333, which is the Ufone hotline. You must carefully follow the directions supplied by the operator and submit all of the requested information, after which the operator will share all of the requested information with you, such as the Sim owner's name, cell phone number, and so on.

How to Check Ufone Owner Number?

This method is useful if you want to know the phone number as well as the owner's name. The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has implemented a system that allows you to see how many SIM cards you have from each mobile operator and how to check Ufone number owner. PTA wants to ensure your safety, so check your personal phone number as well as the phone numbers of friends or family members.

Simply follow these steps below:

  • With your original ID card in hand, text your CNIC number (13 digits, no spaces or dashes) to 668 from your phone.
  • The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) will send you a message as soon as possible, informing you of the number of active SIM cards issued in your name by any operator.
  • If you discover any unexpected SIMs in your name after receiving the SMS, contact the appropriate mobile network's nearest customer support center¬†with your original CNIC and mobile phone.
  • Within 48 hours of filing the complaint, collect the PTA's designated form, fill it out, and submit it to get rid of all the unnecessary numbers from your name.
  • The cost of dialing a code is Rs. 1.00 including tax.

Final Thoughts:

Ufone is one of the country's most prestigious telecom companies. It has always prioritized Pakistani citizens, providing them with the most up-to-date communication modes and services and resolving any issues related to how to check Ufone number, for example. Ufone offers its consumers simple tariffs that are free of hidden fees. It is also our national telecommunications service provider and a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), but it functions independently. As the world of telecoms evolves, Ufone aims to keep its consumers safe.