Jan 19,2022


Sinf-e-Aahan every episode is entertaining, full of jokes while also reminding you of the value of what is important (for the girls). Sinf-e-strategy Aahan's appeals to me. While the first few episodes were emotionally charged as each girl's personal story was revealed, there is now enthusiasm, joy, and learning on the field. Thus, you'll never be bored. But, regardless of who you are or where you are, the essence is each person's desire and ambition that has brought them here.

Orientation and Skills Training

So, Major Osama briefs the girls on the must-knows, how, and do’s and don'ts of their life in the PMA for the next six months. Naturally, they found it difficult and exhausting because they were taken out of their familiar surroundings and handled as soldiers. From their small meeting in the mess to their lesson with Major Samia in the common room, where Rabia is put in charge of the everyday routines and Mahjabeen announces her departure the next day, they have a lot to talk about. By the way, I enjoyed her pep talk with Major Samia, in which she neither pushed nor de-motivated Mahjabeen to find her place and recover her potential at the PMA rather than quitting.

It's also fascinating to watch how Rabia and Shaista, as well as Mahjabeen and Pariwesh, have become foes, while the details of what happened between Mahjabeen and Rabia remain unknown. When things are bad, it's natural to want to be around those you love.

Characters of Sidra And Nathamy

Sidra and Nathamy's characters are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but they have one thing in common: their characters aren't very clear yet. Nathamy's demeanor is quite collected, whereas Sidra's offers a lot of joy and excitement to the girls' adventures as well as comic relief. So, we're delighted she received some screen time when she was shown crying and Arzoo was there to console her. Sidra's presence contributed to the entertainment as she jumped in.

The Antiquity Of Major Samia

Major Samia's tale made me sad, but it also made me happy because she has a loving family who is always there for her and helps her balance her profession at the PMA with her husband and mother caring for her sick son. I appreciated how Umera Ahmed brought a sense of compassion and humanity to a situation in which women with demanding careers must also balance their home life.

Our Opinion

Sinf-e-Aahan is a well-written drama that not only provides vital life lessons for women who choose to walk the difficult path in life and learn to manage it, but also does so in a visually stunning manner. While watching the girls start on their adventures as army cadets, you will be entertained, delighted, and emotional.