Cropped jeans, capris or skimmer jeans are generally summer wears. But with the modern fashion increasingly stepping away from the traditional fur and wool, cropped jeans are making into the winter attire. Cropped jeans come in different colors, prints and even in army camouflage. Skimmer jeans are also the new trend instead of capris and are definitely the new must-have. So here is a guide for you to pair these jeans and make the best out of this new trend hitting the market.

Simple (Solid) Colored Skimmer Jeans

These look best when paired with white shirts. The point is to make the jeans shine as the main part of clothing. You can pair them with black shirts too, but generally they come in lighter shades so white suits better. Soft neutrals would look better overall, including belts, bags, sweaters and hats. A sleek blazer would complete the attire for a cold winter day and make you look like a fashion pro.

Printed Skinner Jeans

These are more colorful which means that they allow you more freedom to maneuver too. The best way to keep your look modern with these jeans is to pair them with relatively solid shades, such as striped or check patterned shirts. A sharp colored cardigan or sweater would give an excellent finish to your complete attire. Neon flats and lace up boots would be the best pairing for shoes. However, pumps and heels would also look good as long as you pair them with the subtle shades in your printed skimmer jeans.

Multi- Printed Patterns

The prints are one step ahead of simple prints but they are one step behind on the freedom of pairing these. However, if you pair these skimmer jeans right, there will be no match for your fashion skills. The trick to do is to have a combination of two prints with a softening touch provided by a plain piece of clothing. That is to say, add a printed shirt with multi-print skimmer jeans and add a plain solid colored blazer. On the other hand, you can have multi-printed jeans and printed shirts and pair them with a solid colored shirt.