Will lantern sleeves be in fashion this year? Should I be wearing long length clothes or will they look outdated? Such types of questions pop up in ladies’ minds when it’s time to say goodbye to the existing year and welcome the new one. Some fashion trends come in and some go out at the start of every year. The problem is to know the answers to these fashion related queries as soon as possible. In this post, I will be solving this problem and tell you five trends that you should be following in 2018. 

1.    Long and Bold Earrings

Yes, they are back in fashion! Soon, you will see the Instagram and other social media feed flooded with bold and long earrings and they are worth buying. However, carrying them is a little bit of a challenge. 

Avoid wearing a necklace or any other jewelry when you are wearing a heavy pair of earrings. What is more, wearing a simple and plain kurta with heavy earrings is a smart choice because it enhances the look of the jewelry. Avoid wearing prints and designs in which the earrings would hibernate. 

2.    Neon

The 80s style is coming back this year. The New York Times fashion magazine showed some attractive neon designs and the trend is anticipated to come to Pakistan, too. However, neon looks good in electrifying and bold colors only. Furthermore, never ever wear matching neon separates and always go for a nice contrasting color. 

To get more ideas, see the pictures of last year’s PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Some of the famous celebrities including Sana Safinaz and Nomi Ansari wore neon to the event. Watching them will give you an idea about color contrast and how to carry the dress. 

3.    Statement Sleeves

You would be relieved to know statement sleeves will soon be in trend because they are easy and comfortable. Not all fashion styles are easy to carry; therefore, people love those trends that are comfortable and try to wear them as much as possible. 

The off-shoulder tops with long and baggy statement sleeves give you a stylish appearance. There are different types of tops you can try with these sleeves. If you are wearing a waist-length fitted top, then wear wide loose pants of a contrasting color. Similarly, you can try wearing skin-tight pants with loose and long tops. 

4.    One-Shoulder Tops

Again, we are going four decades back this year and reviving a style from the 80s. The one-shoulder tops and dresses will be in fashion this year. The magazines will be showing you different designs and brands that you might consider. Avoid buying non-branded one-shoulder tops because only designers have the right sense of making these dresses. 

one shoulder

Always wear high heels with this dress and wear nice jewelry. A pair of bold and long earrings would look perfect, and also wear a gold ring. But, avoid wearing any other jewelry item if you do so. 

5.    Metallic

All the glitter and flashes of metallic are going to rock this year. You can wear metallic fabric pants, jackets, or even shoes. However, make sure you keep other clothing items plain and non-shiny to get a perfect look. Too much shine will ruin your personality.