Summers are almost here and the sun is starting to get really active. It’s a matter of days when we all will be sweating five minutes after stepping outdoors and our clothes will be taking all this brunt.This is also the season when clothesneed to be washed over and over again. This could lead to their color getting faded and the threads losing strength. So here are some of the ways in which you can take care of your summer clothes and keep them new and pretty for a long time.

A Few Key Steps First

Separate whites from colors and also separate the colors from each other. Sometimes the stronger colors like bottle green or bright pink also get dissolved while washing and can spoil the parrot greens and baby pinks in the laundry. Secondly, be mindful of picking up your detergents. Read the labels and qualities while you are buying them off the shelves. Pick the ones that are used to keep the colors bright and the whites white. The stain removers are often packed with bleaching agents that can harm the look of the clothes. Finally, treat the stains on cuffs and collars before throwing them in the washer.


Let’s Talk About The Whites Now

White is the color of summers. It looks vibrant on everyone, avoids heating up too much and allows you to accessories to the content of your heart. Therefore, it is okay if they ask for a little more trouble to keep them fresh and whiter. The first thing to consider for whites is to make sure that your washing machine or bucket is clean. If the water is not clean or the washing surface is untidy, your white clothes might get stained while they are being washed. Also, turn up the temperature of water or the washer as high as the fabric allows. Warm water is best for washing white clothes. Finally, for white clothes you can use a brightening or bleaching detergent. Here you also have to make sure not to mix off-whites or shades of white with full bleach white, because they might lose their color.

Cuffs And Collars Corner

As mentioned at the start of these points, remove the hard stains on your collars and cuffs before putting them in the washer. These stains are harder and might not be removed completely with the general washing time. Or if you wash your clothes for too long to get these stains out, they might make rest of your shirt rough. To clean them beforehand, all you need to do is to soak them in a high quality detergent for a few minutes. Then rub them gently with your hands or with the cloth itself and the stains will easily go away. Afterwards you can throw them in the washer to be cleaned along with other clothes.

So remember these tips and make your clothes look better and last longer.