Top 10 Pubg Players In Pakistan.

Feb 24,2022

PUBG is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and widely played games in the gaming community. PUBG competitions at the regional, national, and international levels have piqued the interest of many players.  Players from Pakistan are being recruited by Esports organizations these days. As you may know, PUBG Mobile is a game that is rapidly gaining popularity, particularly in Asia. It was released in 2018 and has over 800 million users. Furthermore, the fifth most popular game on the planet is PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile has made a $1.5 billion profit this year (2020). The top 10 Pubg mobile player in Pakistan and the top ten Pakistani PUBG players are listed below, and the number one PUBG player in Pakistan is eagerly awaited, as the PUBG fanbase in Pakistan is rapidly growing. The top players in Pubg are discussed in this article.

You've arrived at the right place if you're searching for who Pakistan's best PUBG player is. PID is the world's best pubg player.

Furthermore, Pakistani gamers have acquired a strong passion for the game and have made a living by playing and live streaming games on the internet. It's encouraging to see that Pakistanis have recognized the value of online gaming and are using it to supplement their income. Over 100 million people have downloaded the PUBG game. The top PUBG player in Pakistan has his own YouTube channel, which is subscribed to by a large number of other gamers and gaming communities. Star Anonymous is regarded as Pakistan's number one PUBG player. Star Anonymous' true name is Mubeen, and he lives in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is one of Pakistan's most prominent PUBG players in 2022.

PUBG is played by millions of people throughout the world, but these are the top ten PUBG players in Pakistan.

Names of the Top 10 Pubg Mobile Players in Pakistan

In recent years, online gaming has exploded in popularity. One of the most well-known years for online gaming is 2022. When the world was forced to go indoors and people needed to find other ways to pass the time, they turned to gaming. Gaming can be regarded as a soothing or stimulating pastime in general. It all comes down to the type of game you want to play in the end. There are two types of gamers: horror fanatics and casual game players.

Pakistan's Top-ranked Pubg players

PUBG mobile, likewise, has seen a significant increase in popularity. It has a cult following and even merchandise. Top athletes exist in every sport. We've compiled a list of Pakistan's top 10 mobile PUBG players.

Pakistan's Top 10 Pubg Players

  1. Star Anonymous

One of the most well-known PUBG players in the gaming community is Star Anonymous. He has his own YouTube channel, which has over 1.84 million subscribers and is rapidly growing. He began his YouTube channel in 2017 and has amassed a sizable following. His YouTube videos about PUBG are quite instructive, and he also gives a lot of advice to his fans. His strategies are incredible, and he is without a doubt Pakistan's top PUBG player.

  1. Predator

Predator is a PUBG Mobile professional player from Pakistan. In the PUBG Mobile Leagues, he took part. He's a skilled player with a lot of experience. Zubair Khan, his true name, is a Peshawar resident. He is Pakistan's second-most-well-known PUBG Mobile player. He has 482k+ subscribers on YouTube. Predator is the Leader of the Fyme Clan in PUBG. Therefore, he is without a doubt Pakistan's top PUBG player.

  1. Ahmad Op

 Ahmad Op is now renowned as legend Ahmad, and he resides in Pakistan's Lahore. He has almost 430k subscribers to his YouTube account. He began his YouTube account in 2018 and has since become a popular player. Ahmad Rana is his real name, and he belongs to the Legend Clan, which is a well-known clan.

  1. 47 Khalifa 

47 Khalifa is a sniper who is unquestionably among Pakistan's top ten PUBG players. He also has a YouTube account with more than 560 thousand subscribers. In real life, he goes by the name Osama Qayyum and leads 47 clans. He is one of the top ten Pakistani PUBG players because of his skillset.

  1. Cute Panda

Cute Panda is a YouTuber and one of the most well-known PUBG players on TikTok. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and rose to stardom thanks to TikTok. He is the head of 2nd Roar Clan and has over 392k subscribers.

  1. Mr. Jay Play

He is a renowned PUBG player from Pakistan who is presently based in London, United Kingdom (UK). His YouTube channel, which he started in 2012, now has over 436k followers. He belongs to the Raptor clan, which is well-known in Pakistan. In real life, he goes by the name Jahanzaib.

  1. Solo King

Jawad Ali, better known as Solo Kings, is undeniably one of the best and top 10 mobile Pubg mobile player in Pakistan. In Pakistan, he has the best PUBG Mobile inventory. He is also well-known on the TikTok App in addition to YouTube. He also has a YouTube channel with more than 300,000 subscribers. He is a member of the SOLOGAMING clan, and he is also the clan's boss.

  1. Doctor Pikachu

Doctor Pikachu is one of Pakistan's top ten PUBG players, with over 281k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is a member of the Doctorz clan, and she is also the clan's leader. Her real name is Syeda Mariyam.

  1. Kalfan

Kalfan is one of Pakistan's most well-known PUBG gamers, with over 227k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

  1. SP Joker

SP Joker's true name is Malik Ahmad, and he lives in Sargodha, Pakistan. He has over 240k subscribers on his YouTube channel and posts gameplay videos as well as live PUBG streaming. SP Esports is led by him.

As you are surely aware, the PUBG Mobile Pakistani Community is growing at a rapid pace. New players are arriving on a regular basis. As you are probably aware, numerous talented Pakistani PUBG players have recently competed in the PUBG Mobile Official Leagues and performed admirably. So, these days, everyone has started a YouTube channel and is demonstrating their amazing abilities.