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Baby Safe Toddler Walking Learning Assistant Soft Adjustable Belt

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Infant vest lesson belt adjustable baby line.
Product Category:.
Material: outside: cotton, within composite soft sponge, white buckle plastic material.
Applicable age: 6 months -24 months baby.
Size: Bust adjustable: 48-66CM, total length (from vest to handle): 64cm Weight: 100G.
Packing: 1 * pieces.
Features: can take a small walk, safe and worry. Breathable material with soft sponge. Baby is very comfortable, breathable super good
Tips: Wash: water, warm water 20 , hand wash, do not put in the washing machine machine wash! Drying: hand dry wring dry, do not put dehydration in the dehydration machine.
Description: children learn to walk hard when the father and mother, to bend over the child leaning forward step by step slowly, the physical quality of a little bit worse, did not take a few steps on the waist straight up the acid up. If the grandparents to see the child, then their old waist can not stand the more. But the children have not learned to walk, wrestling and very distressed Now this vest steps to solve this headache problem, my mother did not bend the child will not wrestle..

Item#: 2678
Material: cotton
Type: belts
Brand: Others
Style Collection: Baby Safe Toddler Walking Learning Assistant Soft Adjustable Belt
Listed Date: 19 Oct, 2017

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RAZWK Fashion

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