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why you need affordable?

Pakistan’s 1st Fashion Classified Marketplace Where fashion enthusiasts come together TO BUY, AND SELL, DESIGNER, BRANDS, LABELS & ACCESSORIES from each other’s WARDROBE

Affordable is Pakistan’s first fashion classified marketplace which increases buying power of general consumer by allowing them to turn items from their closets into cash. It resolves traditional classified business model issues.We validate users, verify listed items, and handle shipping and returns. We make reverse commerce as easy, authentic and reliable as e-commerce in Pakistan.

Children grow up but clothes do not, our fashion and mood change and we get bored with our stuff, and sometimes we have lots of unwanted stuff which occupies extra space with no use. That's why we created "Affordable" to give people easy access to buying the designer and branded products online at lowest prices (at least 70% off from their original price). All items are "Lightly Used" or “New” which means that they are free of ANY defect, and function just as new. Quality listings and good reputation are very important to us. We ensure that you only see the best national and international brands on our platform.

See what quality do we offer?

4 reasons you really gonna admit :)

icon-need1 Authentic User
icon-need2 Guaranteed Items
icon-need3 Shipping & Returns
icon-need4 Pakistan’s top brands

what quality do we offer?

All items listed on our platform are “New” or “Lightly Used" which means that they are free of ANY defect and function just as they did when they were originally purchased. Before listing products on our website we ask few questions about the product quality and if it has issues we add depreciation amount and reduce the price of that item. Following is the check list against which we evaluate the products.

  • 1) Functional
  • 2) Flaw Free
  • 3) Fashionable
  • 4) No Tear or Rips
  • 5) No Marks
  • 6) No Holes
  • 7) No Missing Parts
  • 8) No Fading
  • 9) No Hair
  • 10) No Fraying

Affordbale is not your typical Classified. We're CHANGING THE WAY WE TREAT our wardrobes. BE A PART OF Pakistan’s NEWEST FASHION community.

thats all! thank you :)

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