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Make Your Day Worthwhile By Putting the Cotton Bra On!

Bra shopping is something a lady has to go through after every few months. She needs bras for both casual and formal wear; however, there should always be a level of comfort in what she wears. Since you have to wear a bra all day along, you can’t afford to be stressful. Wearing a wrong bra or even size can be irritating as hell, so be smart and picky. The different types of fabrics are used in bras, but cotton is widely preferred as it is easy to carry and soothe the breast in the best possible way.

Have a Look at the Cotton Bra Collection at

There are different types of cotton bras available in the collection. Some of the renowned Pakistani brands such as Amrij-UK and Espico have their stores at The cotton bras uploaded by these brands are of different types ranging from casual to formal wears. The price of each product has been reduced; therefore, the branded products have been made affordable for the common class.

The Basic Cotton Bras

The collection includes some basic bras that are plain without a noticeable design on them. However, the variety includes hard foamy, light foamy, soft foamy, and non-foamy bras. You can buy the one as per your needs. The foamy bras keep the breast nestled with comfort and prevent them from being hanging at an early age.

Cotton Padded Bras

Some bras are padded and the pads incorporated in them keep the breast rested in them. The pads also give a nice cup shape to the breast and give a smart look to your chest, which, in turn, boost the look of your outfit. These bras have hard foam along with the pads inside them.

Net and Nylon Lace Cotton Bras

If you need a cotton bra for your formal wear, choose one from the collection of net and nylon lace cotton bras. They are all foamy and are available in different colors, other than some common bra colors. For weddings and occasions, you need colorful bras so that they can blend nicely with your attire. Therefore, the fancy net bras are available in different sizes and colors.

The Stretchable Net Cotton Bras

They are just as similar to the above-mentioned bras, with the only difference of being stretchable. This feature makes the movement comfortable and relieves you up to a great extent.

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